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BoostBrush is ideal for all hair types- thick, fine, curly frizzy, dry and damaged hair

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Taking hair washing to the next level

It takes the ordinary job of washing your hair to the next level. Allowing shampoo to be evenly spread and a relaxing massage to the scalp in the process..The after washing routine was amazing as the brush acted as a mini massage

Devine for self care

The brush is designed to detangle hair as well as massage your scalp which is totally divine for that self care moment. Definitely recommend

Softest Detangler

I use my Boost Brush in shower when washing my hair and massage my scalp with it. it is so relaxing and calming and is the softest detangler as well. Highly recommend if you struggle with untangling your hair plus this brush will also give you the best hair massage!

Perfect for thick hair

With hair as thick and long as mine I always have trouble actually getting the shampoo into my scalp but this brush managed to massage the shampoo right into my scalp, it feels absolutely amazing doing it.

Squeaky Clean Hair

I used the brush with shampoo massaging the scalp gently. And it saved me washing my hair a second time, it was squeaky clean after one shampoo

Feels amazing

Both myself and my little girl have been enjoying it and it feels amazing!

great for kids

This scalp massager is great for the boys.

Absolute god send

This brush is an absolute god send. When I’m washing my hair, I always feel like I can never get right in there with my shampoo because there’s just so much damn hair in the way
This helps you get a good ol’ scrub and it doesn’t hurt that it feels v good. It’s also great for detangling without risking breakage which is the best. The only time it’s left my shower since I got it is to take this photo, and my wife uses it literally every day.

Loving it

I’m loving my new shampoo brush, it’s perfect to incorporate into my self care sunday routine.

great for long hair

Lovely brush, great for my long hair and massaging in the shower.

love it!

My short but thick hair doesn't get tangled much but I have really enjoyed the massage process to not only relieve tension but to also relieve a little itchiness I get nearer to wash days. I found it also helped cleanse the scalp and can also make a perfect duo for scalp scrubs to assist with movement of the product. As my hair is thick, I do have to section it to get better use of the brush otherwise the soft silicone tips don't quite reach my scalp.
A great TLC addition to my shower routine!

Use wet or dry

it’s so handy to massage and detangle through your wet or dry hair

Great head massage

I start from my tips of hairs going upwards .. gives a good scalp massage .. helps with healthy hair growth as well..

Really loving the scalp massages

my daughter and i have really enjoyed getting a scalp massage while shampooing our hair. The soft silicone bristles are designed to help massage, stimulate and detangle your hair.
I also use it to get my little knots out.

An all in one brush

A head massage, deep clean and product saver all in one!

My Daughter Loves It

Easy for my daughter to brush her own hair and gently remove little knots.

Great product!

Very sturdy product & does its job Well

Best hair brush ever

Used this for the first time today, my scalp has never felt cleaner and fresher!

BoostBrush Turquoise

I’ve had this brush for a few
Days now and I love it. I’ve used it on my hair wet and dry and it really works. I also have used it on my
7,6,4, and 3 year old girls and they love it too. It is also a good size I find comfortable in my hand. So far I’m happy with it. and very fast delivery too. I highly recommend it. I will be buying two more. Thank you.

Works really well

Very impressed. Great at getting rid of product build up.

Boost Brush deeply cleans the scalp

I’ve never had a product that so deeply cleans and invigorates the scalp while removing all signs of dry skin. The Boost Brush is so easy to use and fits perfectly into any hand.

I have had previous trouble with pulling out too many hairs when detangling my hair with a conventional hair brush or with my fingers. The Boost Brush is gentle and actually feels great on the scalp. Definitely recommend!

BEST BRUSH EVER for my thin, frizzy hair!!

The Boost Brush has changed how I manage my hair for the better. I have very fine, frizzy hair and have been trying numberous fads to try and promote hair growth. The Boost Brush not only stimulates hair growth, untangles my knotty hair but also gives me the best scalp massage I’ve ever had!

AMAZING brush!

The new boost brush is super light, easy to use and a staple piece in my handbag from now on! I have super fine hair that tangles really easily and this is the perfect detangling brush that is kind to your hair and helps promote healthy strong hair growth.

It’s also a great brush for the shower, I use it to help brush through the conditioner right through to the tips so my hair has a full coating of conditioner and leaves my hair really smooth and silky. It also feels sooooo good using it to massage my scalp, it’s so relaxing and the silicone bristles are super soft and flexible.

100% recommend this new brush to anyone looking to try out a new detangling brush!

Great new brush

I style my hair by slicking it back and then use gel to hold it in place. This brush has really helped smooth my hair back and gets rid of any tangles too. I really like the circular design and it’s easy to use, the handle makes it so easy to hold. I often give my head a little massage in the shower with it too.

Absolutely love! Perfect for scalp psoriasis

I am absolutely in love with this brush! I have used it several times now and it's amazing! I have thick coarse hair and awful scalp psoriasis and get itchy flaky scalp, I used the Boost Brush once and my flaky scalp has improved so much! Great on my daughter's fine hair as well.