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BoostBrush is ideal for all hair types- thick, fine, curly frizzy, dry and damaged hair

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Best Head Massage!

I love this brush, it gives the best head massage in the shower. It's like going to the hairdresser every time I wash my hair x

Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days, very pleased with my BoostBrush and the service, thank you. Xx

Game Changer!

I love this brush so much, it is great for detangling and a great massage at the same time!

my hair is so smooth!

I use it from front of my hair and to the back. It helps to remove grime build-up with time and exfoliate dead skin improving scalp and hair health. It’s flexible bristles glide through knots and tangles to reveal beautiful & smooth hair

Great for getting product through my hair!

I’ve been using this cute pocket-sized brush to detangle in the shower and to also ensure my conditioning products are applied evenly. But what I love most about it is the awesome head massage

Every Girl Needs One

I love my BoostBrush, I have been using it for a few weeks and it is definitely something that every girl needs to keep in the shower.

Loving the head massage

I love it! I get a full blown scalp massage every time i wash my hair. I will be using it every time I wash my hair

My curls are so happy!

The Boost Brush has lovely soft silicone bristles that don’t dig into my scalp, or snag my curls. I like to use my scalp brush out of the shower too - to massage in pre-poo oils, or scalp treatments. A small touch I love about the Boost Brush is the addition of a toggle cord to hang it in the shower - my last scalp brush smashed after falling out my shower caddy one too many times .

Loving it for my long hair!

BoostBrush is coming with me everywhere! It helps to keep my hair tangle free and doesnt drop my curls.

Tangles no more!

We are growing Charlie’s hair out and it’s getting to that awkward too short to be long but too long to be short stage. Mullets have made a comeback but this kid is rocking the tangles, knots.. birds nest, kind of style. BoostBrush is perfect for getting the tangles and knots out whilst giving a scalp massage at the same time!

Perfect for my daughter

My Daughter laughs the whole time because of how it tickles, and she loves to give it a red hot go at doing it herself too. It’s the perfect size for all kinds of hair and if she ‘lets’ me use it, I love to use it for a nice shampoo massage on me as well. It’s silicone bristles are also really handy to detangle on wet or dry hair.

So easy to use

It detangles my hair easily without breaking them. I also use it to spread out the conditioner or hair mask in my hair. Its soft bristles feel very relaxing on the scalp! I also use it sometimes to massage my hair after oiling! It is very light and the little handle makes it easy to hold the brush!

Absolutely in love!

It’s a great addition to my shower routine, if you struggle with untangling your hair then you should definitely try this one!

Even better than expected!

I LOVE my Boost Brush. My hair looks & feels cleaner & already I'm going longer between washes. It also feels AMAZING. The massage it gives is so good. Functionally, the handle is perfect too. If you're thinking about getting one, I can absolutely recommend it.

BoostBrush white

Oh Happy days using my new white boostbrush and super impressed with the service I received, thank you. Xx

Amazing product

The boost brush is amazing, I am so happy with it! I 100% recommend it to anyone that has dandruff because it's helped me with mine so much! It's really easy to use and gives a great massage when using it!

Great product

Love this little brush for helping to clean my scalp thoroughly. I have some flaking and hand scrubbing can be hard work, also gives a nice massage. The item came quickly and is nice to look at too. Love my pink brush.

Replacing the hairdresser

One of the best parts of going to the hair salon was the scalp massage. Boostbrush gives you that feeling

Taking hair washing to the next level

It takes the ordinary job of washing your hair to the next level. Allowing shampoo to be evenly spread and a relaxing massage to the scalp in the process..The after washing routine was amazing as the brush acted as a mini massage

Devine for self care

The brush is designed to detangle hair as well as massage your scalp which is totally divine for that self care moment. Definitely recommend

Softest Detangler

I use my Boost Brush in shower when washing my hair and massage my scalp with it. it is so relaxing and calming and is the softest detangler as well. Highly recommend if you struggle with untangling your hair plus this brush will also give you the best hair massage!

Perfect for thick hair

With hair as thick and long as mine I always have trouble actually getting the shampoo into my scalp but this brush managed to massage the shampoo right into my scalp, it feels absolutely amazing doing it.

Squeaky Clean Hair

I used the brush with shampoo massaging the scalp gently. And it saved me washing my hair a second time, it was squeaky clean after one shampoo

Feels amazing

Both myself and my little girl have been enjoying it and it feels amazing!

great for kids

This scalp massager is great for the boys.