BoostBrush® Proudly Australian

Ideal for all hair types- thick, fine, curly frizzy, dry and damaged hair

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Loving it

I use my boost brush mainly as a massage tool on dry hair and when oiling my scalp prior to washing. Feels great and is super relaxing.

My daughter LOVES it!

I purchased the Boost brush for my daughter for Christmas. She loves the colour, loves that you can massage, detangle and wash with it! Highly recommend!

Fabulous hair tool

Love this little hair helper

Great Product

The BoostBrush is of excellent quality and as a sufferer of seborrheic dermatitis, has provided my scalp with much needed relief. Pets love it, too! 😂

New favourite!

In love with my new brush. The colour is so cute and the feeling of brushing it through my hair is just amazing 😊 paired it with Christophe robins hair paste, a great combination

Highly pleased

Brush came within 5 days of ordering and is super easy to use!

Good product

The colour is so cute and it comes in good quality


Love this brush!! It’s so easy to use!! My scalp and hair are flake free from dandruff. So far the best shampoo brush I’ve owned! My curls and long hair are now detangle free!!

Stimulate your scalp

If you’re looking for a soft silicone bristle brush, look no further. You can have the best experience with an all-in-one detangle wet and dry hair.

It will give you a nice relaxing scalp massage

Really nice shampoo brush from BoostBrush!

This can be use for both dry and wet hair and also suitable for any types of hair. It will give you a nice scalp massage that is relaxing and also can help on hair growth.

✨ W A S H D A Y ✨

My wash days aren’t complete without my BoostBrush Shampoo Brush

I use my boost brush to:
✨help lather in my shampoo, and break up built up oils and product
✨comb out my curls without breakage when I’ve applied my leave in
✨do a scalp massage (which makes me feel like I’m at the spa, and helps stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle, not sure if it’s a placebo but it feels like my hair grows quicker ❣️

It's Amazing!

I’ve started using this little shampoo detangle brush myself and the girls and we love it! The girls really love joining in and copying Mum by taking care of their hair in the bath. It helps detangle jasmines knotty hair after a big day and she doesn’t even complain as she enjoys the relaxing massage she gets each bath now 🙊😅

It’s amazing because you can use it on wet and dry hair, and it helps stimulate your scalp for natural hair growth. 🧜🏽‍♀️

Loving it!

I am using BoostBrush shampoo brush in both the shower and after washing my hair. I am loving it!

I will never go back to washing my hair the old way!!!

I am madly in love with BoostBrush shampoo brush and cannot imagine my life without this brush.
I mainly use it under shower when I wash my hair. Great to brush the shampoo and conditioner through your hair. Make my hair feel softer instantly. This cute little brush is helpful for detangling your hair and stimulating the blood circulaion in your scalp.
Because of the shape of our hair follicles it is really hard to get to the bottom of them and scrub away the build up of oil and dirt. This little fella comes in really handy to remove those build ups and give you squeak clean hair.
I enjoy using it and will never go back to washing my hair the old way!!!

A little massage on the scako during hair wash day is simply amazing

I've been transitioning to natural for the past six months and it's been quite a journey.
You can use this on both dry and wet hair. It can also work as a detangler.

Really impressed with this brush & I highly recommend to anyone who has hair that gets highly tan...

It works well with both wet & dry hair and has stopped excess hair coming out each time I brush. ✨
I love how it is small enough to chuck into my handbag too which makes it perfect for an on the go hair brush.
Really impressed with this brush & I highly recommend to anyone who has hair that gets highly tangled... like mine. 😂

Friday nighs are pamper nights!

I love giving my hair and scalp some TLC with this beautiful brush 🛀🧖🏽‍♀️

Best Head Massage!

I love this brush, it gives the best head massage in the shower. It's like going to the hairdresser every time I wash my hair x

Oh Happy Days

Oh Happy Days, very pleased with my BoostBrush and the service, thank you. Xx

Game Changer!

I love this brush so much, it is great for detangling and a great massage at the same time!

Great for getting product through my hair!

I’ve been using this cute pocket-sized brush to detangle in the shower and to also ensure my conditioning products are applied evenly. But what I love most about it is the awesome head massage

My curls are so happy!

The Boost Brush has lovely soft silicone bristles that don’t dig into my scalp, or snag my curls. I like to use my scalp brush out of the shower too - to massage in pre-poo oils, or scalp treatments. A small touch I love about the Boost Brush is the addition of a toggle cord to hang it in the shower - my last scalp brush smashed after falling out my shower caddy one too many times .

Loving it for my long hair!

BoostBrush is coming with me everywhere! It helps to keep my hair tangle free and doesnt drop my curls.

Tangles no more!

We are growing Charlie’s hair out and it’s getting to that awkward too short to be long but too long to be short stage. Mullets have made a comeback but this kid is rocking the tangles, knots.. birds nest, kind of style. BoostBrush is perfect for getting the tangles and knots out whilst giving a scalp massage at the same time!

Perfect for my daughter

My Daughter laughs the whole time because of how it tickles, and she loves to give it a red hot go at doing it herself too. It’s the perfect size for all kinds of hair and if she ‘lets’ me use it, I love to use it for a nice shampoo massage on me as well. It’s silicone bristles are also really handy to detangle on wet or dry hair.