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BoostBrush® (White)
BoostBrush® (White)
BoostBrush® (White)
BoostBrush® (White)
BoostBrush® (White)
BoostBrush® (White)

BoostBrush® (White)

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Shampoo Brush & Professional Detangler 

Use BoostBrush shampoo brush in the shower and on dry hair. Watch the soft, flexible bristles glide through knots and tangles to reveal your beautiful, smooth hair.

- Less Pull - Less Pain - Less Damage  -

Shampoo brush, detangler, hair brush

Your head will tingle with pleasure as the soft silicone bristles massage your scalp as you shampoo your hair - WOW, It feels AMAZING!!  Ideal For Men, Women & Children

BoostBrush is a professional hair detangle ideal for all hair types- thick, fine, curly frizzy, dry and damaged hair. It will leave your hair as soft as a bunny!  

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❤️ Perfect for Children 3+ and ideal to remove dandruff

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We offer a 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that if you aren't completely satisfied, contact us to return your brush, no questions asked!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Taking hair washing to the next level

It takes the ordinary job of washing your hair to the next level. Allowing shampoo to be evenly spread and a relaxing massage to the scalp in the process..The after washing routine was amazing as the brush acted as a mini massage

Really loving the scalp massages

my daughter and i have really enjoyed getting a scalp massage while shampooing our hair. The soft silicone bristles are designed to help massage, stimulate and detangle your hair.
I also use it to get my little knots out.

BEST BRUSH EVER for my thin, frizzy hair!!

The Boost Brush has changed how I manage my hair for the better. I have very fine, frizzy hair and have been trying numberous fads to try and promote hair growth. The Boost Brush not only stimulates hair growth, untangles my knotty hair but also gives me the best scalp massage I’ve ever had!

AMAZING brush!

The new boost brush is super light, easy to use and a staple piece in my handbag from now on! I have super fine hair that tangles really easily and this is the perfect detangling brush that is kind to your hair and helps promote healthy strong hair growth.

It’s also a great brush for the shower, I use it to help brush through the conditioner right through to the tips so my hair has a full coating of conditioner and leaves my hair really smooth and silky. It also feels sooooo good using it to massage my scalp, it’s so relaxing and the silicone bristles are super soft and flexible.

100% recommend this new brush to anyone looking to try out a new detangling brush!

I’ve said goodbye to hair breakage!

After half a week of using the Boost Brush, I can already say this is my new favourite hair tool.

As a colour-treated blonde it comes as no surprise that my hair is brittle, very dry, and consequently prone to knots. I was previously using another brush for my “tangles” ;) which indeed removed them as promised... by snapping my hair off!

I pay homage to the team behind Boost for saving my hair. The design of their brush prevents snagging and helps distribute leave-in conditioner throughout my hair without half of it being squeezed out by tiny, closely spaced bristles like you’d find on competitor products. And I can’t rave enough about how wickedly good it is for head massages!