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Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)
Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)
Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)
Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)
Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)
Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)

Shampoo Brush & Detangler (Black)

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BoostBrush Shampoo Brush

BoostBrush® Shampoo Brush will make your scalp will tingle with pleasure, as it's soft silicone bristles gently massage your scalp.

The electric feeling will have you humming your favourite tune all day long 🎶

Our heavy-duty shampoo brush is engineered with extra wide, flexible bristles that are perfect for detangling kinky, curly, and coily hair with ease. 

Run BoostBrush® through fine straight hair or glide it through the frizziest curls.

Effective conditioning and pain-free detangling! Every. Single. Time.

PERFECT for all hair types- short, long, thick, fine, curly, frizzy, dry and damaged hair.  

So much fun for you while you wait in the shower for your products to condition & set!  BoostBrush® shampoo brush will make you melt & will leave your hair as soft as a bunny! 


Scalp Care - For Natural Hair Growth

Did you know that your scalp health = your hair health? By keeping your follicules exfoliated, clean and free from dandruff / scalp psoriasis / scalp issues you are caring for your scalp and future hair growth.   

Looking for the perfect gift for your spouse, friends, or kids?

Our luxury packaging, smooth matte finish and premium quality build makes BoostBrush® a special gift for your special ones.
  • Mums
  • Dads
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Kids
They’ll thank you later with a big smile!!

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Happiness Guarantee 
We offer a 30 day money back guarantee that if you aren't completely satisfied, contact us to return your brush, no questions asked!

Contains small parts - Not suitable for unsupervised children or children under 3 due to choking hazard.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Lana B
✨ W A S H D A Y ✨

My wash days aren’t complete without my BoostBrush Shampoo Brush

I use my boost brush to:
✨help lather in my shampoo, and break up built up oils and product
✨comb out my curls without breakage when I’ve applied my leave in
✨do a scalp massage (which makes me feel like I’m at the spa, and helps stimulate blood flow to the hair follicle, not sure if it’s a placebo but it feels like my hair grows quicker ❣️

Pia (Brisbane, AU)
Loving the head massage

I love it! I get a full blown scalp massage every time i wash my hair. I will be using it every time I wash my hair

Charlie (Brisbane, AU)
Tangles no more!

We are growing Charlie’s hair out and it’s getting to that awkward too short to be long but too long to be short stage. Mullets have made a comeback but this kid is rocking the tangles, knots.. birds nest, kind of style. BoostBrush is perfect for getting the tangles and knots out whilst giving a scalp massage at the same time!

Maria (Brisbane, AU)
So easy to use

It detangles my hair easily without breaking them. I also use it to spread out the conditioner or hair mask in my hair. Its soft bristles feel very relaxing on the scalp! I also use it sometimes to massage my hair after oiling! It is very light and the little handle makes it easy to hold the brush!

Feels amazing

Both myself and my little girl have been enjoying it and it feels amazing!